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Recently I participated in the #SheSparkChat twitter chat where the Konenkii company was a participant.  Konenkii is a quarterly subscription box service designed to enhance the lifestyle of women 40+.  Products in each box range from pampering to practical and the goodies are found all over the world.  The theme for each box is that there will be something to eat, to wear, to read and to share – brilliant idea!  So I have to admit that when I joined the chat I had not heard of Konenkii but I do love my subscription boxes. The chat had a contest and I actually won a FREE Valentine’s themed box! So if that didn’t hook me, the box certainly did when it arrived. Here are all of the fabulous things it contained:

Konenkii box

To Eat: Black Dinah Truffles from the coast of Maine.  These were decadent to say the least and just what I needed at the end of a long week! Oh, and I didn’t forget the red wine for a complete pairing.

To Wear: There were a couple things in this box to wear. A glass locket with a floating charm and a tag that says “Fearless”.  Konenkii already knows me so well :-)  The locket can be filled with sand or seeds or anything your little heart desires.  Another “to wear” item was some Klean Color nail polish in Angel Red – perfect for Valentine’s Day!

To Read: The Little Book of Love by Tiddy Rowan was included in this box.  The book is a compilation of love quotes, sayings and anecdotes that make you believe in love! XOXO  There was a credit card holder that could be something you could “read” since I have to keep track of my balances often :-)Konenkii contents

To Share: There were several things to share, even share with myself :-)  A Lotion Candle (which I never heard of and have already shared with myself) is something I had never used before. You light the candle, wait until the candlewax pools, blow it out and then dip it into the all-natural lotion.  It smells delicious and feels amazing!  There was a glass heart photo holder, which I am going to give to my mom to hold her recipes or a picture of guess who?  A bar of rose petal soap is also a treat I am sharing with myself. I need that kind of pampering every once in a while.  And finally, a seeded Valentine Card.  It’s a bit too cold where I live to plant this now but it is definitely going in someone’s garden this spring.  This one I will give to one of my friends who loves to garden.

The Konenkii box was overall one of the best subscription boxes I have ever received and they have won me over as a “paying” customer because I think my days of winning freebies is over! Thanks so much again to Konenkii for the gift and I love your motto: Age Fearlessly, Have Fun & Be Bold!

Visit Konenkii.com to start receiving the highly coveted Konenkii boxes.

Konenkii image

In Case You Haven’t Noticed…

Hello Fellow Product Fanatics!

As you may (or may not) have noticed, my blog posts regarding beauty products has slowed down quite a bit.  Not because I ran out of products to review or that I stopped using beauty products – I shudder at that thought.  It’s because I am ready to venture into a new phase in my life, focusing on all things leadership, lifestyle, meaningful connections and duh, FUN for women in the crazy world of work and business. This will entail a new brand, new website and thoughtful content about how women can be the best leaders possible. Work life and work-life balance is  such a Life Under Constructionvery different beast than when I was flying by the seat of my pants in the daily grind and I am intrigued about the possibilities for women as we take over the world!  I am very excited, nervous and scared but I know that this is where I want to challenge my energy. Beauty is of course a big part of our lives so I am not abandoning any of my beauty product knowledge quite yet.  Or ever!

My new venture is intended to be a collaboration of women’s voices from all ages, places, backgrounds and experiences so don’t be surprised if I reach out to you for conversation and insight.  My ultimate goal is to write a book from everything that I learn and you are my teachers! Thank you so much for your support during my Product Fanatic life and continue to consult my blog posts on this site for honest and true feedback about my beauty product experiences.

I look forward to my new journey so stay tuned for more updates. Stay beautiful!


Thick is In! @LivingProof

I struggle a lot with my hair because it is very fine so I am constantly looking for volumizers and mousses (is that a word?) and all kinds of potions to give me a bit of “oomph”.  The drawback to many styling products that promise volume is that they also tend to dry out your hair so you lose that beautiful shine every woman wants.  Help!  So I tired one more product, Living Proof’s Full Thickening Cream, and I absolutely love it. First of all, a little goes a long way and I mean a loooong way.  My hair is medium length and anything more than a pea-sized amount would be too much.  This formula is very lightweight so can be used close to the roots. Apply to clean, damp hair from just below roots to ends and then blow dry to activate.  I recommend using a round styling brush to get the best volume.  I do finish my style by applying Living Proof Amp2 Texturizer (click here to see my review) for a more textured look that holds my style all day.  This product is also safe for color-treated hair and I have not found it drying at all so my hair is still shiny and sleek. For about $26.00, this is one of the best hair products I have used in a long time!  You can find Living Proof Full Thickening Cream in The Product Fanatic Store.

Living proof thickening cream

Just Immaculate @HourglassMakeup

I find that foundations are sooo different and can be very hit or miss.  If I added up all of the money that I have spent on foundations that don’t work, I could have myself a cute little cottage on the beach.  Ok, well maybe I have not spent that much but it at least adds up to a really nice pair of Loubes :-)  So the question is, do you spend a lot on foundation hoping the more expensive ones perform better, or do you keep trying bargain brands and spend almost as much trying to find the right one that works for you?  Well only you can answer that question but I am here to say that I have found a fantastic foundation that not only has me convinced to “invest” a bit more to get the results I want, but the investment is totally worth it!  Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation is amazing!  I used this foundation for a week straight and it really does everything it promises.  This foundation provides a matte, velvety look to the skin, controls oil all day (and I really mean ALL day) with the use of cashmere kaolinite clay and it camouflages imperfections.  It also includes phytostem edelweiss and lavandox, which are powerful anti-aging ingredients.  The texture if very light and airy and does not cake at all.  You can not feel or tell you are even wearing foundation.  There are about 16 shades to choose from so you can find the right one for you! Is there anything this foundation can’t do??  You can find Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation for about $42.00  in The Product Fanatic Store or at Sephora.   

hourglass liquid powder

Black is the New Black @bosciaskincare

First of all, I have to say that this mask is a little freaky.  But in a good way!  I love trying new masks because I believe they are essential to use at least 2x per week to draw out all the oils, dirt and impurities that get buried in your pores on a daily basis.  The Boscia Luminizing Black Mask is one of my most fantastic finds.  And why is it freaky you ask? When you squeeze the mask out of the tube, it is jet black and stays black throughout the treatment.  If applied correctly – a pretty heavy layer so it is opaque on your face – it can come off in one piece and the peel is a bit thicker than others so it feels kind of like rubber.  A little freaky right?  All I know is that it definitely does its job as my skin felt soft and refreshed and my pores immediately appeared smaller.  This mineral-rich mask is formulated to deliver powerful detoxifying, purifying, and brightening effects. One of my best finds for 2014!  For about $42.00, you can find this mask in The Product Fanatic Store.

Boscia black mask

Heating Oils and A Hairy Situation

I have to admit that when I was in high school, hot oil treatments for hair were all the rage and I did them about 2x per month.  For whatever reason I stopped using the treatments and now several years later (actually many, many years later) I am using hair oils again because they really do keep hair manageable and looking shiny and healthy.  My latest find is Agave Heating Oil Treatment and I recommend highly! This particular product is great for unmanageable hair (mine gets tangled a lot) for ease of styling.  I have also read a few other reviews that this works well with frizzy hair too.  This oil is infused with the sugars of the agave plant which builds strength, restores color and makes hair shiny and smooth.  All you need is a couple of drops to work through damp hair and then blow dry and style as you normally would. If you have fine hair and do not wash your hair every day, I suggest you use sparingly in between shampoos.  Although this product is not “greasy”, I found if I used when I did not shampoo, it weighed my hair down a bit.  This is one of the best hair oils I have used and for $24.00 for 2oz, it is really a great buy.  You can find this product in The Product Fanatic Store.

agave heating oil

A Top Coat with Color @OPINAILS

How genius is this!  A top coat that cannot only enhance whatever polish you have on your nails but one that can also change the color of your existing polish without having to go through removing and reapplying.  I call this a time saver! OPI Sheer Tints Color Top Coat  comes in several different shades from pinks to teal.  I used the “Be Magentale with Me” shade over both a pink polish and an orange polish and both times, the top coat really transformed my color to a new level.  It made my color pop, gave it a unique look (especially with the orange) and preserved my color for a longer period of time.  So instead of removing and reapplying color, I just reapplied the OPI Top Coat every couple of days.  You can also use this top coat alone for a subtle, pretty color without too much fuss.  It is that versatile!  OPI Sheer Tints Color Top Coat is about $9.00 and you can find it in The Product Fanatic Store.

opi sheer tints

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